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CMBS loans, also referred to as conduit loans, are one of the most popular ways to finance commercial real estate in in recent years. They are offered for almost all types of income-producing commercial properties, such as office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, and hotels. When compared to other types of commercial property loans, CMBS loans have a variety of advantages and disadvantages.


CMBS Advantages and Disadvantages

CMBS loans have both advantages and disadvantages for commercial real estate borrowers.

CMBS Advantages:

Easier qualification process than bank loans

High LTVs allowed (up to 80%)

30 Year Fixed and Adjustable Terms

Loans are non-recourse

Loans are fully assumable (fee and certification often required)

Financing starting at $2 million

30 year amortizations

CMBS Disadvantages:

Borrowers must interact with a non-lender servicer

Lack of structuring flexibility

Borrowers often need confirmation from a rating agency in order for another borrower to assume a CMBS loan

Legal fees can be expensive, often starting at $15,000

Property Types

CMBS Conduit Loans from IMS Fund Solutions provide financing for the following property types:

  • Hotels
  • Office space
  • Industrial facilities
  • Multifamily rentals
  • Self-storage
  • Retail properties

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