How You Can Fulfill Your Potential and Break Barriers

How You Can Fulfill Your Potential and Break Barriers

How You Can Fulfill Your Potential and Break Barriers

“Untapped greatness lies within you. Born with unbounded potential, you have the capacity to do the impossible, and it is inherent in every human being. Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned to deny our birthright and settle for the status quo. Unwittingly, we believe greatness is reserved for a lucky few, and the exceptional are truly an exception, set apart by some fantastical, foreign ability. Everything that propels your heroes and role models to defy convention and dare to be great also exists in you. Are you ready to tap into your unbounded potential? Recognizing and igniting your inner flame of greatness is as simple as making a decision to explore your full potential.”

This is the opening paragraph of my book Do the Impossible. It comes from the chapter “The Journey to Greatness”. I’m including this excerpt because more than anything, I want you to know you are capable of greatness. No matter who you are, what you have been through, or where you want to end up, you can transform your life into the one you truly desire.

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Shift your mindset and make the impossible a reality.

Life is just waiting to give you everything you deserve and desire—you just need to shift your mindset to achieve it.

You are an infinite being born with unbounded potential. Whether you know it or not, you have the power to create your reality. That is your starting point. And that is the starting point of every other human being.

What do you desire that currently feels out of reach? No matter what your specific goals and ambitions are, I bet it boils down to wanting more out of life. Whether it be more success, time, money, enjoyment, freedom, or any other desire, there are areas of your life where you want more. Allowing yourself to acknowledge and pursue what you really want, even if it seems impossible, is how you uncover your most motivating targets. What excites you? The answer to that question is where you find your greatness.

Between your starting point (infinite being) and your target (truest desire), is your unique path to success waiting to be discovered. You were born with all you need to make this journey. Now, let’s explore how harnessing the power of mindset helps you hit any target with more ease and flow.

What is mindset?

Mindset is the way we view the world. It is an ever-running operating system. Your mindset resides within your frame – which can be simply thought of as your expectations or perspective. Your frame creates your reality. And the reality you create can attract the things you want, or it can block you from reaching your full potential.

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You are a giant magnet creating your reality through your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, desires, and an endless list of other contributing factors. You generate these things, consciously or unconsciously, which means you have the power to change them. To attract the more out of life that you desire, you can set the frequency of you to match the greatness you want to achieve by shifting your perspective. That is the power of mindset.

What is a mindset coach?

We have been socially conditioned to see action as the key to success. This belief places our emotions, our thoughts, and our desires as secondary or, even worse, completely irrelevant factors in the equation of how life works. It’s true that we must take action to get what we want, but simply taking action does always result in success. You need to take the right action.

A mindset coach can help you pinpoint the right action. The key to living a fulfilling life is not so much about what we do but about what and how we think. Exploring your mindset with a coach can help reveal what is blocking you from taking the action needed to achieve your version of success.

At Jason Drees Coaching, we help clients remove barriers to success, such as disempowering thought patterns and limiting beliefs, so they can execute action that is aligned with who they really are and what they really want. Working with a mindset or performance coach provides an outside, objective view on how you are approaching life. Coaching is a great resource because it can be hard to evaluate and recognize the patterns of your mind internally.

How to change your mindset

Overhauling your mindset may seem like a tedious and daunting process. And, honestly, there are some approaches to shifting mindset that will tell you it takes a lot of time and work. What I have discovered over the past few years is a way to create instantaneous transformation through a technique called frame-shifting.

It starts with your frame – the level above your mindset that generates your ever-running operating system. That mental environment is your frame. When you approach shifting your mindset from this level, you can eliminate time and energy spent on dissecting and evaluating the thoughts and beliefs that are blocking your full potential and move directly into thoughts and beliefs that will unlock your inherent greatness.

In my post The End of Self-Improvement, I discuss the limiting belief that if you want to better your life you have to be better. This is a disempowering approach that denies the infinite nature of every human being. To get more out of life, you don’t need to improve yourself or be better as a person. You simply need to access the natural greatness that resides in all of us by aligning your mental environment—your frame—with what you want.

My coaching methodology focuses more on accessing alignment as opposed to rehashing what is keeping you in misalignment. Alignment is our natural or default state. It’s a state of equilibrium and balance. It’s a state of being that flows with what life brings us.

Final Thoughts

In my book and through the programs of Jason Dress Coaching, I share my experience of discovering how life really works. I spent years grinding and hustling to achieve greatness. But it wasn’t until I stopped trying to force things to happen and began to work with the flow of life that I began to achieve the success I desired. My journey is a living example of how framing can shift your mindset in a way that enables amazing, accelerated growth and expansion.

My mission in life is to share my experience with others so that they can transform their lives by making the impossible accessible. Life is waiting to give you everything you deserve and desire—you just need to shift your mindset to achieve it.

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