Inside the largest home for sale in Malibu: $58 million

This $58,808,000 mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean is one of the largest homes for sale in Malibu. At 16,600 sq ft the single-structure residence is the grandest of its kind and a whopping 4,100 sq ft bigger than the next largest single-family home on the market.

The Bali-inspired residence at 11870 Ellice St is perched above the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu is on the market for $58,808,000.  The modern glass-and-concrete architecture, called the Kaizen House, is built around an open-air courtyard with lush palms and a koi-filled pond at its center. CNBC’s Ray Parisi tours the six-bedroom-ten-bath mansion with co-listing agent Branden Williams president and co-founder of the Beverly Hills Estates.

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