The Daily Beast’s Hiring a Full-time Lauren Sánchez Reporter

The Daily Beast’s Hiring a Full-time Lauren Sánchez Reporter

The Daily Beast’s Hiring a Full-time Lauren Sánchez Reporter

Lauren Sánchez has found herself in the public eye, thanks to her high-profile engagement to Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos — and now one national news outlet is looking for a specialized reporter to cover her every move.

The Daily Beast announced that it is looking to hire a full-time senior reporter to cover Sánchez and her daily dealings — from business to social to space.

“The Beast plans to cover tech moguls and their ecosystem, as part of the site’s return to its roots as a ‘smart tabloid,'” per Axios.

This follows trends of other publications, such as USAToday and the Tennessean, which have hired specialized Taylor Swift and Beyonce reporters in an attempt to make sure full coverage of the subject is reported.

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Not much is known about the specifics of the role, though Joanna Coles, the outlet’s new chief content officer, wrote on Instagram that she was accepting applications through, and told the New York Post that benefits and salary would be comparable to other senior positions listed at the company, which range between $100,000 and $200,000.

“I’ve never seen anybody land on the radar of Americans as fast and as brilliantly as Lauren Sánchez,” said Coles, who is the former chief content officer of Hearst Magazines. “I’m just very excited to find out all about her. There is no detail too small that I am not fascinated by.”

Sánchez is a licensed pilot and former TV anchor who is currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Bezos Earth Fund, which just announced it is donating $100 million to AI efforts that fight climate change.

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The Daily Beast did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment.

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