The “Catalyst” That Could Cause The Economy to Fall

The 2023 economy doesn’t fit what the forecasters were predicting. Inflation was up, but now it’s coming back down, interest rates keep rising, but homebuyer demand is coming back? As if there wasn’t enough contradictory data, employment is holding steady while we should be in a recession. What’s really happening behind the scenes, and how can you use economic headwinds to build wealth faster while everyone else braces for an impact that may never come?

We’re back with Fundrise CEO Ben Miller to discuss the three economic scenarios EVERY investor should plan for in 2023. Ben has learned something new about the economy (and himself) during every past crash. In the 90s, when real estate took a hit, young Ben was too carefree to be concerned. Then, when 2008 came around, Ben was left with scars from the market crash carnage. Now, after the 2020 flash crash and into a potential 2023 market crash, Ben knows better and is making bets that’ll make him, his company, and his investors very wealthy.

Ben thinks it’s a mistake that most investors simply put one scenario forward when investing. He tells tales of some of the greatest investors using basic scenario planning to make a killing during any economy. In this episode, he’ll run through exactly how you can do this and why thinking in bets may be one of the best moves you can ever make. So, even if a housing market crash does come, you’ll be prepared not just to survive but thrive.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • Why we aren’t in a recession yet and the contradictory crash indicators
  • Scenario planning 101 and the three types of outcomes EVERY investor should plan for
  • Thinking in bets and why a “black swan event” is much closer than most people think
  • What could lead to an economic recession and why it’s getting impossible to predict one
  • The best asset classes to invest in during 2023 and why institutional investors are taking big bets on debt
  • Why base hit real estate deals will make you rich, but home run potential should always be taken advantage of
  • And So Much More!

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