SEC: What does your financial future look like?

SEC: What does your financial future look like?

SEC: What does your financial future look like?

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) theme for April’s National Financial Capability Month has been revealed.

The SEC is asking Americans “What does your financial future look like? Having a plan can help answer the question.”

Creating financial plans is a key part of securing the future and throughout April the SEC and key stakeholders within the government institution will be talking about building a better financial roadmap.

SEC talks about the financial future

The government body will be releasing guidance from leaders in the SEC and those working in the engine room of the financial fair-play body. They will “highlight the importance of creating a saving and investing plan to help investors meet their financial goals, and will encourage them to take advantage of the free tools and resources available on”

The SEC will also bring investor education events to various audiences, including students, underrepresented communities, older investors, and the military throughout the United States.

SEC Chair Gary Gensler said of the announcement “Investors turn to our capital markets every day, whether to grow a nest egg, plan for retirement, save for an education, or prepare for the inevitable bumps along the way.”

The SEC has released several tools to keep people informed. Including:

April’s Financial Capability Month Investing Quiz;

Director Lori Schock said “”Creating a saving and investing plan that helps you meet your financial goals and sharing those ideals and goals with your family and friends may not only help you stay more committed to your decision-making but can provide you with support to help you stick with your plan for the long term.”

The SEC will be bringing educational events to all residents of the United States but will be focusing that little bit more on older investors, high school and colleague students and service members. The regulatory body will also be targeting community organizations and affinity groups to help Americans plan for a healthier financial future.

Gensler would conclude “To be an informed investor is to be a more effective investor, and I encourage the public to take advantage of the many resources we offer on”

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