Man Buys K Cartier Earrings for Just  After Typo

Man Buys $14K Cartier Earrings for Just $14 After Typo

Man Buys K Cartier Earrings for Just  After Typo

A happy accident made one man’s first purchase at Cartier an unbelievably cheap one.

Rogelio Villarreal Jasso, based in Mexico, shared a story on X that quickly went viral about a purchase he made online through the luxury retailer’s website in December.

Jasso said he was shocked to find a pair of diamond and gold earrings listed for 237 pesos, roughly $13.98. In the video, he says he quickly purchased two pairs of earrings (and broke into a “cold sweat”) without realizing that Cartier had made a massive mistake on its website.

The earrings were supposed to be listed for 237,000 pesos, roughly $13,975.

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Jasso told CBS MoneyWatch that the retailer tried to cancel his order and compensate him with champagne and a leather card holder for the mistake — but he wasn’t having it.

“At first they said two things when I contacted them after they canceled my order,” he told the outlet. “One, they said the earrings were mispriced by accident. Then they said they couldn’t fulfill the order because the earrings were out of stock. Their reasoning was difficult to understand.”

Jasso then contacted the Mexican Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer, and Cartier complied. The luxury retailer delivered the earrings to the lucky shopper last week, which he documented in a post on X that’s now been viewed over 4.7 million times.

“I was very happy when the earrings arrived, but the reality is they don’t just represent a purchase,” he said. “I was familiar with my rights as a consumer, but not everyone is. So this case helps make Mexican people aware of their basic rights, including those protected by consumer law.”

Cartier did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment.

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