Canva Create Conference Musical Rap Goes Viral: ‘Cringe’

Canva Create Conference Musical Rap Goes Viral: ‘Cringe’

Canva Create Conference Musical Rap Goes Viral: ‘Cringe’

In order to avoid looking “cheugy” to Gen Z, older managers (Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers) are constantly trying to stay ahead of workplace trends. However, in doing so, sometimes leaders can miss the mark — which seems to be exactly what happened at the Canva Create conference on May 23.

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Attendees were able to score a spot at the event for $175. The conference was also live-streamed globally.

“Whether you’re a professional, nonprofit, educator, or creator, it’s shaping up to be a world-class creative festival with the unique opportunity to learn from and network with like-minded innovators,” the company said.

But in a now-viral clip, a musical performance with a rapper and six backup dancers is being panned for being “cringe.”

Though the entire performance feels like an Off-Broadway parody of Hamilton, thanks to the cadence and conversation in the lyrics, the reviews were not what producers would want to see.

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Canva is not the first company to get pushback for “cringe” at a company event this month. Earlier in May, at Google’s I/O Event, a musician was also mocked for his performance.

Canva did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment.

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